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Thank you again for guiding us today! We had a great time and saw many things we never would have seen otherwise.

כל הכבוד אדוני ותודה רבה רבה

(please excuse any spelling mistakes.....)

dave and Bonna




Welcome to Walkways 

If You're a Cyclist You're a Friend

  Whether cycling, hiking, or conventional modes, Walkways' will turn your vacation into a journey rather than a trip. We will tailor design your adventure to your vision, needs, and budget.

 From the alleys of the Old city in Jerusalem to the back roads of Bulgaria and beyond, Walkways take's you there


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 Why Cycling?

 We believe that traveling by bike is the best way to go. Beyond the personal challenge and the environmental benefits, cycling allows you to move at the right speed--your own speed. While still covering ground, and getting from one point to the other, cycling allows you to meet the local people, stop at any village, and become part of the scenery, rather than seeing it pass by you outside the window of your vehicle.




 Planning to cycle in Israel contact us for free advice 




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